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About the HUNGaMA Survey

The HUNGaMA survey will provide a portrait of hunger and malnutrition across over 100 rural districts in India. It will:

Focus on key indicators of hunger and malnutrition

Target children under age five, given the critical impact of nutrition early in life

Give a granular view of the variations across India with estimates at the district level

Provide an unprecedented view of the reality of mothers confronting malnutrition on the ground

Undertake a broad, advocacy-oriented communications strategy with the results, providing action-oriented data targeting communities, implementers, and policymakers

GEOGRAPHY: The HUNGaMA survey focuses on the 100 districts ranked worst for child outcomes (in Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh) and select “best” districts. All together, the survey will cover a geography encompassing over 160 million people, including about one-fifth of India’s children.

HUNGaMA will be the world’s first citizen-owned nutrition survey of this scale. By building a network of informed and empowered advocates at every level, Naandi aims to contribute to a diverse movement to promote improved nutrition.

To see HUNGaMA Survey Training Manual Click Here.

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