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HUNGaMA strives to address one of the greatest challenges facing India today: malnutrition. Every 25 seconds, an Indian child dies unnecessarily because of poor nutrition. Despite India's remarkable economic growth record over the last decade, over 40% of Indian children were underweight as of the 2005-06 National Family Health Survey, a rate twice the average in sub-Saharan Africa and 20 times higher than would be expected in a well-nourished country.

But this is not just about hunger and starvation. Malnutrition hits children in their critical and vulnerable first years, weakening them against all the challenges they face and making them less likely to survive disease or hard times. Yet even when they survive, they often carry the ill effects of child malnutrition with them for the rest of their lives in the form of cognitive and physical deficiencies. By some estimates, malnutrition costs India as much as 3% of GDP (Rs 160,000 crore, $35 billion) every year due to lost productivity from a malnourished workforce. These human and economic costs are unacceptably high given that malnutrition is entirely preventable so long as children have access to nutritious food, clean water, and a healthy environment.

Motivated by this reality, the HUNGaMA initiative aims to drive positive change, highlighting malnutrition war zones as well as success stories and calling on actors across the spectrum to work together to ensure no child bears the burdens of malnutrition.

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